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Cruises at a glance


Sea 'scape ride

For those who enjoy speed, adventure, comfort and privacy, 'Sea'scape' ride, is the ideal way to experience the mythical blue waters of Santorini and enjoy the sea at the most!


Sunset away

 You want adventure but you also cherrish some romance in your life? Lose yourself into a panel of colors while sailing privately in the caldera's hidden treasures!



Enjoy the dazzling side of luxury with the Sunreef semi-private cruise. Its golden coating glowing under the Mediterranean sun will blow your mind.


Sunreef Ultimate

For those who savor privacy enjoy an exclusive sailing experience at the crystal waters of Santorini's  Caldera while planning along with your captain your next stop!


Island Hopping

If your adventurous spirit cannot be limited even by the exotic Caldera scenery the whole of the Aegean is at your feet. Sail wherever your heart desires.


VIP Transfers

If you are tired of spending neverending hours in crowded ferries, enjoy a thrilled ride in comfort and privacy as our speedboat will carry you wherever you like in no time. 

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